Our Mission

Infants:  6 weeks to 1 yearThe Infant program has facilities for up to seven children daily. Infants are lovingly cared for by at least two trained infant teachers. We ask that you provide whatever pre-made bottles, food, diapers and essentials may be necessary for your child’s comfort for the day. Our adorable nursery features stimulating and educational toys. Our infant program features the introduction of baby signing to facilitate communication and motor skill development in your child. Parents are encouraged to use the signs at home to further reinforce their application in the classroom.

Early Toddlers:  1-2 years The Toddler program has facilities for up to ten children daily. Toddlers move up from the infant room, or join in the class at different ages, based on social and physical development. Toddlers are introduced to art, music, science and literature at their own developmental level while being lovingly supervised by one trained teacher and one teacher’s aide.  Weather permitting; we go outside everyday on our Infant/Toddler playground.

Older Toddlers: 2-3 years The older Toddler program has facilities for up to ten children daily. In this precursor to our Pre-K room, toddlers have daily circle time consisting of bible verses, songs and books. They participate in a daily craft as well as a daily “discovery time” box. An emphasis is put on group play, language development and mastering fundamental fine and gross motor skills.

Available Classrooms
Available Classrooms

Pre-K: 3 years 

The Pre-K program has facilities for up to 10  children per day and is supervised by one trained teacher and one teacher's aide. Each day we offer age appropriate art projects along with music, science, children’s literature, outdoor play and supervised socialization. Curriculum includes the development of pre-reading skills, numbers, language, and fine motor skills. Children must be potty trained to enter this class.

Pre-K: 4 years  

Our oldest Pre-K program has facilities for up to 8 children per day and is supervised by one certified teacher. The purpose of this class is to ready your child for Kindergarten. Our thoughtful curriculum addresses your child’s social, emotional, and developmental needs and places a strong emphasis on phonics (reading.)

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord…” Psalm 127:3

Faith Based

Individual Goal-Setting

Rounded Curriculum with Emphasis on the Arts

Safe & Secure Environment

Trained and Loving Teachers

First Friends is committed to serving young families by offering an affordable, Christ-centered learning environment for small children in the heart of Houston. A faith-based program teaches young children prayer, Bible stories and songs.  An appreciation of Fine Arts is fostered through music, art, dramatic play, and guest speakers. Our trained and loving teachers develop your “whole child” encouraging them to be good Christians, kind friends and independent learners.